statesman states‧man [ˈsteɪtsmən] noun statesmen PLURALFORM [-mən] [countable]
a political or government leader, especially one who is respected as being wise, honourable, and fair:

• He had an impressive record as a military man and a statesman.

— statesmanlike adjective :

• his statesmanlike performance in dealing with the crisis

— statesmanship noun [uncountable] :

• an act of international statesmanship

* * *

statesmanlike UK US /ˈsteɪtsmənlaɪk/ adjective APPROVING POLITICS
typical of or seeming like an experienced politician or member of a profession, who deserves respect: »

When he was told that he should resign, it was a complete shock to him, but he was very statesmanlike about it.

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